Buntin Construction, LLC is a full service construction management and general contracting firm dedicated to delivering high quality residential, commercial, industrial, and retail construction in Southern Oregon.

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Buntin Construction, LLC

Project Information

“When you combine our unique building experience over the last 30+ years, with problem solving success, based on market research information and high-quality construction techniques, we offer innovative, cost-effective, creative, and highly functional construction solutions.”
-Terry Buntin


At Buntin we provide value construction. We have a strong relationships with subcontractors and stakeholders. This fortified team approach provides security to our clients in knowing that Buntin Construction is a trusted construction company provide quality general contracting.

For over a quarter century we have been building our construction reputation, dedicated to quality building, by being committed to the success of our clients, one project at a time, along with always striving to maintain flexibility and adaptability to construction variables and schedule challenges during the construction process.


Our construction process and methods provide in-depth experience based on the diverse set of projects we have built over the years.

Our general contracting experience is enhanced as we become more knowledgeable with each project, including the always changing regulations and building codes.

Before construction begins, we work closely with the architect and owner to identify and solve any potential issues. This method assures the client that their actual cost is better defined and that change orders will be kept to a minimum.


Once the project is underway, we manage the construction process from the importance of quality, communication, and scheduling. The superior subcontractors that make our team, have built, and will continue to build, the reputation of Buntin being a leader in quality builder throughout Rogue Valley.

Customer Satisfaction

We make our clients the #1 priority from the first day, until the last day when the construction project is completed. This client focused approach has enabled Buntin to maintain and expand it’s influence in the local construction industry, through the boom times and the downward economic segments too.


Over View

Buntin Construction, LLC is a full service general contractor based in Medford, Oregon. Established in 1980, Buntin Construction has maintained its primary focus and philosophy of fostering long-term relationships. We have learned how to adapt and overcome virtually any challenge of the construction process. The level of dedication and commitment from our team of subcontractors is a testament to our unique ability to build superb, sustainable construction in Southern Oregon.

We offer both general contracting and construction management services with a professional commitment to every project. We continue to be an industry leader in creating private urban developments (PUD) in the Valley, As well, we build all types of construction including financial, education, light industrial, and retail building.

Our solid success is built on the culture Terry Buntin fosters of partnering with community stakeholders, subcontractors, and clients to complete high quality, sustainable construction projects.

In Rogue Valley, Buntin Construction is recognized as a leading construction company that exceeds client expectations. Our in-depth construction experience includes tenant improvements, industrial, retail, ground-up, and financial projects.

Different clients have different needs. Our services are always customized to fit a specific project, whether the project is a new construction or interior only construction; or it’s an expansion and/or major renovation. We realize the significance of “relationships” throughout the construction process of each project. It is our goal to provide the highest standards of construction services, and also to build mutually beneficial relationships as we embark on each construction project.