Restoring Your Property After Fire Damage

Many of our homes and structures in southern Oregon have been damaged or destroyed by wildfire. At Buntin Construction, we’re ready and willing to assist property owners rebuild their lives.

1. Assessing the Damage

The first thing we must do is perform an assessment of the damage sustained in the fire. This typically involves looking at how far the flames and smoke have penetrated the structure and how extensive the clean up is likely to be. At the end of a thorough assessment, we will have a better idea of the scope of the project, how long it will take and can create a cost estimate.

2. Property Security & Debris Removal

After the assessment, the next step is securing the area. This includes installing fencing , removing debris around the perimeter, and boarding up openings in the structure (if those remain). If certain areas of the property were not impacted by the fire, then it’s important for us to ensure that this area is sealed off from the area that was impacted to minimize any cross contamination. If the property was completely burned we will remove all material and topsoil affected by the burn.

3. Demolition, Water Removal & Dry Out

The goal during this stage is to prevent further damage. Damaged drywall, flooring and other materials will be removed.

4. Clean Up & Smoke

This is the most intensive part of a fire project. The property will need to be cleaned to remove soot from interior and exterior surfaces. Following proper clean up, deodorizing products are used to fully remove any lingering smoke odors. Clean up also involves duct cleaning to remove any soot, smoke or debris that may have entered in ducts.

5. Rebuilding

The final step in returning the property to pre-fire condition is performing any necessary repairs or to rebuild damaged areas. Parts of the structure may be identified as unsalvageable during the initial assessment, and therefore have to be removed and replaced.

We are truly sorry for your lost and look forward to helping you return your land or home to its best possible condition.