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Buntin Construction helps clients’ dreams become a reality.
Terry Buntin and his team of construction professionals are more than just a construction company; they push beyond the expected and act as solution providers to build success for clients.

Sustainable Construction

We recognize the impact that construction activities can have on the natural environment and on building occupants. We take these impacts seriously and are committed to sustainable building practices that minimize environmental impacts, improve energy efficiency, reduce water demand, promote recycling and promote improved indoor air quality. Buntin Construction encourages our clients to consider these issues in the design, construction and operation of their buildings and we enjoy working with design professionals and subcontractors who share our enthusiasm for sustainable building practices.

Clearly Defined Process

Saving time, speeding mobilization and ensuring quality control, Terry Buntin works with each client from pre-construction through project completion. That means a clear scope of work relating to project development and quick response to changes and issues arise.

Quality & Competitive Pricing

With a commitment to serve the community and provide superior construction capabilities, along with relationships of proven subcontractors at all sizes, Buntin Construction is positioned as a leading competitor in the construction marketplace.

Building A Track Record

Terry Buntin has connections throughout the business community. He is a respected business leader. Drawing on his extensive experience and deep knowledge from previous projects, the company helps clients control costs while providing flexibility to accommodate future growth. The methods, processes, and experience of Buntin Construction streamline the construction process to keep projects on budget and on schedule.


Terry Buntin begins every project begins with in-depth planning designed to address our clients’ business objectives. From concept through completion, This minimizes client’s risk and enables projects will be meet quality Standards and be cost efficient. Our expertise, design skills and advanced technology give our clients control of up-front decisions that enhance quality, reduce costs and streamline schedules.

Construction Management & General Contractor

Buntin’s collaborative and team-oriented construction management process offers a cost-effective approach for clients. Whether delivering construction services, working as a collaborator with a client’s architect, or serving as a general contractor, the Buntin team provides experience and dedication that is based on decades of successful construction projects.


This method allows couple projects to streamline the source of responsibility from initial design to final sign-off. Through effective program management services, Buntin Construction helps owners make sound business decisions at the initial stages of a potential project. The objective is focusing on setting goals, fostering coordinated construction services and providing strict schedule and budget controls to achieve the client’s objectives.