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Construction Company In Southern Oregon

Buntin Construction, LLC is a full service construction management and general contracting firm dedicated to delivering high quality residential, commercial, industrial, and retail construction in Southern Oregon.

Over many years of construction service in Southern Oregon, we have built a diverse portfolio encompassing a wide and growing range of sectors, including landmark mixed-use developments, retail space, educational facilities, industrial developments, tenant improvements, and business projects.

Terry Buntin has been working in the Rogue Valley community for decades to improve housing and generate business projects that satisfy client requirements while providing quality infrastructure to the local communities.

Our strong commitment to quality construction has grown a strong entrepreneurial culture which honors safety, quality, client engagement while developing consistent client satisfaction.

When we participate as construction manager that means we are the owner's representative throughout the project and beyond. This approach relies heavily on a team effort. The team relies on the expertise of individual members and decisions are made jointly, with the owner having the final say after input from all parties.

As the construction manager, we contribute by managing the project through budget control, estimating, scheduling, and value engineering while performing a myriad of services to bring the project to a successful completion.

“When you combine our unique building experience over the last 30+ years, with problem solving success, based on market research information and high-quality construction techniques, we offer innovative, cost-effective, creative, and highly functional construction solutions.” Terry Buntin

Drawing on Terry Buntin's extensive experience and knowledge of construction in Southern Oregon, Buntin Construction helps clients control costs while providing flexibility to accommodate project changes. Through program management, pre-construction, design/build, and construction management methods, we streamline the construction process while supporting clients' ability to generate revenue on their projects.

Construction Company In Southern Oregon

Buntin Construction, LLC headquartered in Medford is one of Rogue Valley's most stable and reputable construction companies. We have over 30 years of building in the Valley.

What sets us apart from other construction firms is our creative and collaborative approach to projects. Our staff experience is strong in the areas of general construction, construction management, design/build, and our comprehensive construction experience distinguishes Buntin from their competitors.

We are one of the Southern Oregon's leading contractor companies, offering a full line of services including:

  • Pre-construction Services
  • Site Analysis and Evaluation
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Design/Build
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Program Management

Every project begins with in-depth pre-construction planning designed to address our clients' business objectives. From concept through completion, Buntin Construction processes minimize client's risk and ensures each project will meet requirements and be cost efficient.

Construction Management & General Contractor
Buntin Construction drives a collaborative and team-oriented construction management process that mandates a cost-effective approach for clients. Whether delivering our integrated design-build approach, working as a collaborator with a client's architect, or serving as a general contractor, our knowledge and skills provide experienced consulting, skilled subcontractors, and craftsmen who are proven in their field of expertise.

Design - Build
By taking a coordinated team approach to complex projects, Buntin Construction provides a single source of responsibility from initial design to final sign-off. Through effective program management services, we support owners to make sound business decisions throughout a project. Our team serves as an extension of the stakeholder's staff, focusing on setting objectives, fostering teamwork and providing strict schedule and budget controls to achieve the client's goals.

Special Projects & Program Management
By coordinating every aspect of each project, Buntin Construction Company is able to deliver the same level of professionalism and quality on all projects. We help stakeholder accomplish establish and meet their budget - managing it from start to finish - while working within your schedule to complete your projects on time.

“Terry, I just gotta reinforce how refreshing it is to work with someone who has so much genuine integrity. Sad that it's become so rare that it literally surprises you - not that I didn't know it already. Anyway, here is the revised bid and thanks for allowing me to feel comfortable having a frank conversation about it.” Jeff B., General Contractor

Construction Management Services In Medford & Southern Oregon

Drawing on Terry Buntin's extensive experience and knowledge of construction in Southern Oregon, Buntin Construction enables their clients make better informed choices when it comes to cost control. From years of general contractor experience, pre-construction, design-build and construction management operations we are able to reduce the learning curve on client construction processes while supporting clients' ability to meet schedules and cost objectives.

Buntin Construction, as a construction manager, acts as the owner's representative throughout the project and beyond. This approach relies heavily on the general contracting knowledge retained from decades of building construction projects in Southern Oregon. Buntin has developed a unique set of relationships with community stakeholders and experts in construction services that all contribute to each construction project that is undertaken. When it comes to understanding the local construction market and building quality projects, there is no better equipped construction company in Southern Oregon than Buntin Construction, LLC.


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Providing reputable construction services with the best in class methods to serve the community for 35 years.

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