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We partner with businesses to design and build custom commercial construction projects.

Light Industrial Construction Projects In Medford, 2019

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We are successful and thriving because our construction services are based on these tenets:

#1 Leadership
Terry Buntin is a third generation builder with the knowledge and relations to offer superior construction services with each and every client project his company undertakes.

#2 Team Members - Subcontractors
Over the years we have developed extensive relationships with experienced and trained subcontractors who are experts in their fields. Buntin considers its’ subcontractors as partners in all projects and they do take ownership in the project construction process.

#3 Local Company
Our community is known for its' excellent quality of life, for the character of both its' people and the places where they live and work. As a locally owned company, Buntin Construction takes pride in being able to enhance that quality of life in the community by offering distinctive and enduring building projects.

#4 Lasting Track Record
With the longevity of Buntin Construction we have naturally earned a reputation for lasting construction on building projects around Rogue Valley.

#5 Superior Quality - Fair Price
Buntin Construction believes that quality is the #1 priority in every project. And, it is equally important to provide each of our clients with the best value.

#6 Detail Orientation
We know that a very essential measurement od success in construction is detail. Terry Buntin, the owner, is personally involved in all projects from start to finish. He oversees every project personally in terms of quality for labor, time, and materials.

#7 Client Advocate
Buntin serves as an advocate to each client during every step of the construction process. We are proud of our partnering approach and have made great strides to create an environment of collaboration, cooperation and respect with architects and subcontractors. Our construction management experience and in-depth knowledge of the market place provide insight that foster excellent management methods which benefit our clients.

We are passionate about doing every job to the very best of our ability. We strive to attract the most highly skilled subcontractors and believe in investing in our team members. We care deeply about providing our clients with a pleasant and professional experience. Our clients find the perfect balance when considering price versus value in our services.

We have the highest ethical standards — We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We believe we have some of the highest ethical standards in the industry. We encourage our team members to “do the right thing” every day, on every project.

We provide superior results, and we are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want each client to feel that our team is as committed to their needs as their own staff. We provide a level of personal attention to our clients that distinguishes us in the industry.

Service & Safety
We care about people and we provide safety processes for our team of subcontractors on every project. We are committed to the highest standards of safety, consistent with construction industry best practices. We focus on quality on in each of our projects. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering the best values. Therefore, by doing our best, serving the community, and utilizing our professional management experience we always produce winning results on every project.

At Buntin Construction we have established our construction company with a strong set of values. Over the years, we’ve watched our industry change in many ways. We have never been, and will never be, a construction company that practices ‘low bidding’ to jet get a project. Our emphasis has been, and will be, completing projects for quality and lasting value.

We understand that successful construction projects demand diligence and a detail-oriented approach. In each of our projects, we are proactively managing it with professional experience, skills and technical knowledge that large and small projects deserve.

For more than three decades our clients, public agencies, cities and financial institutions have trusted us to safely and efficiently deliver construction projects. the Buntin team is highly experienced and fully versed in all processes, procedures and applicable standards for public and private construction. Buntin Construction has managed projects in all phases– from concept development to completed construction on multi million dollar projects, to single building construction.

We provide our clients with an accurate and fair cost up front, eliminating the need for change orders. This allows the build-design process to focus on the project schedules and the client’s needs. Over the years we have learned to anticipate problems or roadblocks, and work as a team to do what it takes to eliminate them. We have earned the connoted support of our clients, because we have established a relationship with them based on fairness and trust. Our clients know that we will protect their interests and do what is right.

General Contractor | Construction Management
Program Management | Project Consultation

Collaborating for over three decades, Terry Buntin has developed a track record and reputation for delivering technically and logistically challenging projects for many well-known public and private organizations. By building strong relationships with the community and using adaptable building practices Buntin Construction has established they will deliver every project on time and at budget.

The company's diverse portfolio includes almost all segments of the construction marketplace, including multi-use residential, private urban developments, educational facilities, retail establishments, tenant improvements, light industrial, financial, and special projects.

The contagious enthusiasm of Buntin team members translated into a willingness to go the extra mile for clients and respond with creativity and initiative to the challenges of each unique project.

Buntin Construction helps clients’ dreams become reality. Terry Buntin and his team of construction professionals are more than just a construction company; they push beyond the expected and act as solution providers to build success for clients.

Sustainable Construction
We recognize the impact that construction activities can have on the natural environment and on building occupants. We take these impacts seriously and are committed to sustainable building practices that minimize environmental impacts, improve energy efficiency, reduce water demand, promote recycling and promote improved indoor air quality. Buntin Construction encourages our clients to consider these issues in the design, construction and operation of their buildings and we enjoy working with design professionals and subcontractors who share our enthusiasm for sustainable building practices.

Clearly Defined Process
Saving time, speeding mobilization and ensuring quality control, Terry Buntin works with each client from pre-construction through project completion. That means a clear scope of work relating to project development and quick response to changes and issues arise.

Quality & Competitive Pricing
With a commitment to serve the community and provide superior construction capabilities, along with relationships of proven subcontractors at all sizes, Buntin Construction is positioned as a leading competitor in the construction marketplace.

Building A Track Record
Terry Buntin has connections throughout the business community. He is a respected business leader. Drawing on his extensive experience and deep knowledge from previous projects, the company helps clients control costs while providing flexibility to accommodate future growth.

The methods, processes, and experience of Buntin Construction streamline the construction process to keep projects on budget and on schedule>.

Terry Buntin begins every project begins with in-depth planning designed to address our clients' business objectives. From concept through completion, This minimizes client's risk and enables projects will be meet quality Standards and be cost efficient. Our expertise, design skills and advanced technology give our clients control of up-front decisions that enhance quality, reduce costs and streamline schedules.

Construction Management & General Contractor
Buntin’s collaborative and team-oriented construction management process offers a cost-effective approach for clients. Whether delivering construction services, working as a collaborator with a client's architect or serving as a general contractor, the Buntin team provides experience and dedication that is based on decades of successful construction projects..

This method allows couple projects to streamline the source of responsibility from initial design to final sign-off. Through effective program management services, Buntin Construction helps owners make sound business decisions at the initial stages of a potential project. The objective is focusing on setting goals, fostering coordinated construction services and providing strict schedule and budget controls to achieve the client's objectives.


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