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Construction Company in Medford Oregon

Our approach to serving each of our clients is based on operating with the highest levels of integrity and transparency at all times. Terry Buntin, the owner, is personally involved with every construction project.

At Buntin Construction, each client is a business partner, so we go above and beyond to in all of our operations. Each client has full access to all project information, fostering trust and peace of mind . Clients of Buntin Construction know they are being treated fairly. We are proud of our history in maintaining open, honest communication with clients at all times.

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A Leading Reputation In Quality Construction Management

At Buntin Construction we are always seeking new and innovative ways to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Buntin Construction is your one stop resource for construction management services based on our first-hand construction knowledge and expertise in every facet of the building process.

Three Decades Of Construction In Southern Oregon

Buntin serves as an advocate to each client during every step of the construction process. We are proud of our partnering approach and have made great strides to create an environment of collaboration, cooperation and respect with architects and community stakeholders.

Our experience and knowledge pave the way to think through every contingency, quantifying and how to minimize risk through the entire construction process.

"We believe that success is best achieved by making our clients successful, one construction project at a time.”Terry Buntin

Our continued success is built on the culture Terry Buntin fosters of partnering with community stakeholders, subcontractors, and clients to complete high quality, sustainable construction projects.

In Rogue Valley Buntin Construction is recognized ad a leading construction company that exceeds client expectations. Our in-depth construction experience includes tenant improvements,industrial, retail, ground-up, and financial projects.

Over the many years of construction service in Southern Oregon, we have established a diverse portfolio encompassing a wide of sectors, including private urban developments, retail space, educational facilities, industrial developments, tenant improvements, and home building.

Terry Buntin has been working in Rogue Valley for decades to improve housing and generate business projects that satisfy client requirements while providing quality infrastructure to the local communities.

His entrepreneurial culture is focused on his commitment to superior construction which honors safety, quality, and client satisfaction.

Buntin has decades of successful experience acting as the owner's representative throughout the project.

This approach relies heavily on collaboration by the team that Butin has established and will continue to improve upon.

As the construction manager, Buntin contributes by managing the project through budget control, estimating, scheduling, and value engineering while performing a myriad of services to bring the project to successful completion.

Previous Constructed Projects

Company Background

We offer comprehensive general contractor and construction management services, with a commitment to quality recognized throughout Southern Oregon.

As of May, 2016 we have developed 650 building lots, 100 PUDs (Private Urban Development) lots, and 200 apartment units. In the next three years we expect to be building 200 additional apartment units.

Buntin Construction's ability to comprehend customer visions and conceptual designs; plus, transform those ideas into functional, cost effective facilities while continually completing projects on schedule are all examples of Buntin’s leadership in the local construction marketplace.

  • Sweetbrier Phase I & II in Talent
  • Countryside Village Pases I & II in Talent
  • Phoenix Hills Subdivision in Phoenix
  • The Meadows At Griffin Creek in Medford
  • Maple Park Pases I & II in Medford
  • Willow Springs in Talent
  • Summerfield in Central Point
  • Thomas View in Grants Pass
  • Autumn Crest in Grants Pass
  • Aerial Heights in Medford
  • The Highlands in Medford
  • Heritage Estates in Medford
  • Fox Run in Medford

Private Urban Development (PUD)

  • Lone Pine Creek Estates in Medford
  • Cameron Springs in Talent
  • Western Hills Apartments in Medford
  • Clearview Development in Talent

Commercial Buildings

  • 562 Parsons Drive, Medford: 13,000 sf
  • 572 Parsons Drive, Medford: 16,980 sf
  • 824 East Main, Medford: 3, 688 sf Professional Office Space
  • 10630 Old Hwy 63, Eagle Point: 1,600 sf Professional Office Space
  • 2624 Merman Rd., Medford: Head Start School
  • 1001 Beall Lane, Medford: 7,412 sf, Head Start School Administration
  • 1001 Beall Lane, Medford: 6,070 sf, Head Start School Administration
  • 5060 S. Pacific Hwy, Phoenix: 5,500 sf office building
  • 891 O’Hare Park, Medford: 6,000 sf, Washington Federal
  • 860 O’Hare Park, Medford:5,000 sf, Bankers Life & Casualty
  • SNAP Fitness, Talent
  • Jimmy Johns, Medford

Communities Benefit from Subdivisions
The economic impacts of developing housing extend beyond the construction stage to the years when the new homes or rental units are occupied by rural residents.

The increased pride and responsibility that those residents feel for their dwellings often results in the consumption of goods and services to complement the new home. Beginning a life in a new home is often accompanied by the purchase of new appliances, new furnishings, and moving services. Later, other improvements may be made to the home itself including the addition of decks, new rooms, and landscaping.

The new residences and the later improvements can encourage others in the community to take care of their own properties and common areas, ultimately stabilizing an area socially and reducing crime rates. Finally, new construction is often accompanied by infrastructure improvements like paved roads, electrification, and water/sewer lines which encourage further housing development.

An abundance of new housing can lower the cost of living for a community, making it attractive to new residents and industries.

Ripple Effect
A study done by the National Association of Home Builders found that the economic effect of new housing impacts create a ripple effect that moves beyond the building-related professions to the entire local economy.

Construction workers generally live close to the construction site, and thus spend a substantial part of their wages in the local community. Area businesses benefit from this increased patronage, from the sale of building supplies for the project, and from sales to the residents of the new units. The prosperity of the owners and employees of these businesses increases, allowing them to purchase more from other local ventures, and so the ripple continues and reaches more parts of the community than those directly related to construction.

Government Benefits
The revenues of the state, local, and federal governments can increase as the result of a housing development project. There is an immediate increase in governmental income from building fees, taxes on workers' wages, and taxes on the sale and transport of building materials. Increased sales taxes can also be expected as workers spend their wages and the residents purchase supplies and services for their new homes. I

n the long run, the local government will be able to generate revenue from property taxes and mortgage and deed transfer taxes. All these taxes add up so that even a small project can generate a great deal of government revenue.

Multiple Phase Building Benefits
Phase I of the development translates home building activity into income for local workers and business proprietors, and revenue for local governments.

This output serves as the input for Phase II, as part of the local income generated will be spent, generating more income, generating more spending, and so on. These spending ripples damp and eventually converge to a limit, which is the ultimate ripple or multiplier effect.

Economic Benefits Of A New Multi Family Unit Building
According to research completed by the National Association of Home Builders the ongoing ripple impact to the surrounding area will continue for many years.

The estimated one-year impacts of building 100 rental apartments in a typical local area include the following:

$11.7 million in local income
$2.2 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments
161 local jobs

General Contractor | Construction Management
Program Management | Project Consultation

Collaborating for over three decades, Terry Buntin has developed a track record and reputation for delivering technically and logistically challenging projects for many well-known public and private organizations. By building strong relationships with the community and using adaptable building practices Buntin Construction has established they will deliver every project on time and at budget.

The company's diverse portfolio includes almost all segments of the construction marketplace, including multi-use residential, private urban developments, educational facilities, retail establishments, tenant improvements, light industrial, financial, and special projects.

The contagious enthusiasm of Buntin team members translated into a willingness to go the extra mile for clients and respond with creativity and initiative to the challenges of each unique project.

Buntin Construction helps clients’ dreams become reality. Terry Buntin and his team of construction professionals are more than just a construction company; they push beyond the expected and act as solution providers to build success for clients.

Sustainable Construction
We recognize the impact that construction activities can have on the natural environment and on building occupants. We take these impacts seriously and are committed to sustainable building practices that minimize environmental impacts, improve energy efficiency, reduce water demand, promote recycling and promote improved indoor air quality. Buntin Construction encourages our clients to consider these issues in the design, construction and operation of their buildings and we enjoy working with design professionals and subcontractors who share our enthusiasm for sustainable building practices.

Clearly Defined Process
Saving time, speeding mobilization and ensuring quality control, Terry Buntin works with each client from pre-construction through project completion. That means a clear scope of work relating to project development and quick response to changes and issues arise.

Quality & Competitive Pricing
With a commitment to serve the community and provide superior construction capabilities, along with relationships of proven subcontractors at all sizes, Buntin Construction is positioned as a leading competitor in the construction marketplace.

Building A Track Record
Terry Buntin has connections throughout the business community. He is a respected business leader. Drawing on his extensive experience and deep knowledge from previous projects, the company helps clients control costs while providing flexibility to accommodate future growth.

The methods, processes, and experience of Buntin Construction streamline the construction process to keep projects on budget and on schedule>.

Terry Buntin begins every project begins with in-depth planning designed to address our clients' business objectives. From concept through completion, This minimizes client's risk and enables projects will be meet quality Standards and be cost efficient. Our expertise, design skills and advanced technology give our clients control of up-front decisions that enhance quality, reduce costs and streamline schedules.

Construction Management & General Contractor
Buntin’s collaborative and team-oriented construction management process offers a cost-effective approach for clients. Whether delivering construction services, working as a collaborator with a client's architect or serving as a general contractor, the Buntin team provides experience and dedication that is based on decades of successful construction projects..

This method allows couple projects to streamline the source of responsibility from initial design to final sign-off. Through effective program management services, Buntin Construction helps owners make sound business decisions at the initial stages of a potential project. The objective is focusing on setting goals, fostering coordinated construction services and providing strict schedule and budget controls to achieve the client's objectives.


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Providing reputable construction services with the best in class methods to serve the community for over 30 years.

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